2014-09-08 Second northernmost borehole in the world. At 81° and 36" Kolibri Geo Services provided technical expertise to establish temperature measurements in the permafrost. Two boreholes has been driven down to 21 and 23 meters. Temperature sensors where installed and both data and core analysis will be done by University Centre on Svalbard and the University of Aarhus, Denmark. The site for the measurements is located at the northeastern tip of Greenland close vicinity of Station North. Ulli
2014-04-02 Vernissage: Det Lille Hotel i Risør and Kolibri Geo Services presents: Photo exhibition, Icebird, Svalbard from above. The vernissage takes place on April 11th 2014 at 1900 at the Det lille Hotel, Storgt. 5, in 4950 Risør, Norway. Be welcome! Ulli
2013-04-26 Arrived in Iqaluit. Reaching our final destination! We visited 12 schools, talked to many kids and teachers, drilled in permafrost to install temperature instruments. We traveled 5500km on snowmachines from Deadhorse, Alaska to Iqaluit, Nunavut. Beside the science we take home breathtaking memories for live. Thanks to the Inuits, the planet in the universe. Ulli
2013-02-01 What is better than spending the spring in the snow? Right, not much. Kolibri Geo Services has the pleasure of joining Kenji Yoshikawa. The research trip will cover 6000km along the great western passage. We travel to initiate permafrost measurements in the coastal communities with help of thermistors chains and frost tubes. We will meet small and tall to talk about nature and its climate, about research and get our hands dirty to drill. In advance, big thanks to Risoer Trebaatbyggeri. Aloha ulli.
2012-09-23 Greenland offers great bathing opportunities: empty beaches and crystal water (ice crystals). But in order to satisfy climate researchers it takes a little more. Kolibri Geo Services operated the research drill rig in Zackenberg, North-East Greenland. We obtained permafrost samples down to 20m on four locations surfacing Kolibri Geo Services most liked substance: ICE! What more to whish? Glück Auf Ulli (Foto: Steffi Härtel)
2012-07-11 Age is a mystery, and no one is too young to become helicopter mechanic. Luis is running an inspection after a successful aerial survey in Chemnitz, Germany. A newly build road has caused serious changes in the landscape. Those were documented by Kolibri Geo Services.ulli
2012-04-15 After the trail period in January, the drill rig is now coring permafrost for climate research within the Page 21 project. Coring in different landforms and many different ground conditions was challenging and beside many lessons learned, even more meters of core were obtained. During that mission the rig found also to its name, "Boring Betty".ulli
2012-01-20 Air is no longer the only environment Kolibri Geo Services works in. Now we added the upper most layer of our planet’s surface to our workspace. Frozen cores of permafrost are the aim of the team behind the operations. After designing the purpose build drill rig, Kolibri Geo Services is also in charge of operation and logistics. A successful test drilling was performed on Svalbard with arctic conditions in the polar night.ulli
2011-10-10 For a couple of days Kolibri Geo Services has traveled south. Even though it’s the arctic areas we love the most, also the southern regions of France and Switzerland are worth an aerial look. Best of autumn wishes, your Kolibri Geo Services team.
2011-04-16 Aerial photographs and coffee? At 78 degree north, in the northernmost town, you can drink coffee and be inspired by aerial photographs of the polar landscape of Svalbard. If you can’t be here, you can still see the photographs in our Gallery. If you would like to have the photographs yourself, you can easily order by just sending an email. Enjoy
2011-01-15 ...on tour. A new episode of Kolibri Geo Services has started in 2011. Since January is the service more flexible than ever. Kolibri Geo Services is touring Europe. The comfortable bus serves as service and maintenance vehicle. Packed with equipment we can offer full aerial support where ever we go. Many interesting aerial projects are waiting along the road.
2010-12-06 Some animals sleep during winter. We at Kolibri Geo services do not. Any spare minute we are not airborne, we use to maintain the flight equipment and thus improve our service. We implemented and follow strict maintenance schedules for our flying objects. Check, check and check again and again.
2010-11-25 UAS Norway invited this November for the UAS NORDIC 2010. Unmanned aerial vehicles are foreseen to have a great future. About 80 key players in the Nordic and many others gathered in Oslo for the conference, among them Kolibri Geo Services. We had the possibility to discuss possibilities and follow up with the ongoing development of rules to operate UAS in airspace. It was has been a fruitful meeting in the UAS community.
2010-06-18 Flight show? on Svalbard? Yes indeed! Kolibri Geo Services had both a fixed wing UAV and a rotary aerial vehicle on display and in performing in the arctic air. The audience watched interested the autonomous flight modes, stable hover beside launching and landing UAVs. We hope we could show the flexibility and applicability of the services Kolibri Geo Services has to offer. Foto Martin Stendel
2010-06-12 Kolibri Geo Services opened an exhibition at the University Center on Svalbard. The exhibition shows many breathtaking bird eye view from the arctic archipelago. All welcome. Come and see!

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